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A ministry devoted to the internal healing power of Jesus Christ. Rosie has shared her knowledge and personal experiences with the powerful Word of God to guide tens of thousands of people back to and for the first time to the healing arms of Christ. 

As a validictorian graduate of The Angelus Bible Institute founded by Amy Simple Mcpherson, Rosie is equipped to preach the Word of God with authority and conviction along with her powerful testimony of how the Lord has taken her from the darkest point in her life through the suffering of sexual abuse as a child to now being a voice and light to those who are still searching for healing.

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Rosie would love to come and share her knowledge, wisdom, and experience to help people of all ages find hope in thier lives through the Power, Love, and most importantly Transformational Healing Of Jesus Chirst.

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Inner Healing 

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For the first time ever, and with unflinching candor and courage, Rosie shares the traumatic details of her abuse and the daily struggle to live and how, through faith and the love of her family, she found life once more. Yet Rosie’s life would be severely impacted once again as the worst tragedy imaginable hit and her biggest fear came to reality—the death of her beloved sister.

Equally harrowing and uplifting, Rosie’s story is a true testament to beating the odds and proves that despite the worst of times and no matter how many more challenges life has in store, it is always possible to pick up the pieces and find the strength and purpose to dream and live again.

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Rosie Rivera